The Monument

The Monument by Colleen Wagner

A story of revenge, forgiveness, and letting go. 

Directed and designed by Conrad Belau

Produced by Theatre of Consequence, Calgary, AB. June 15-18 2016.

Role: The Girl

Physically Caitlyn carried a very easy-to-watch innocence and determination in the play. From her first entrance, we are intrigued by her in the show. She is unseen by the others in the play but she is ever present to them as well. She held her concentration and focus on the show, giving all her attention to those characters in the play as they fight it out. I particularly enjoyed her time as the ‘rock’ as she was lifted and dug out of the ground. I experienced her playing a sad curiosity mixed with helplessness that I found very compelling.                                                                          –Nathan Schmidt, RSA instructor.

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