Oh Manny!

Oh Manny! by Lucia Frangione

Oh Manny! is a Christmas clown musical from the playwright who brought you Chickens and Cariboo Magi. With perfectly pious irreverence and little to no fact checking, Follie, Buffoona, and Guff will have you singing and laughing along before you can say “Merry Christmas!”

Directed by Mark Lewandowski

Produced by Play Possum Productions, December 2017.

Role: Guff

I saw you respond with full character life to many moments that were unplanned and unscripted (such as smoothing Caesar’s hair, dealing with a nose on elastic, crazy transitions, and unpredictable audience responses). Your sound was strong and confident and served as a strong rhythmic foundation for your scene partners to depend on. Your work as Madge’s ‘soul interpreter’ was utterly connected and intuitive and hilarious.                                                                                                                     -Kelsey Krogman, Acting Coach.