Frank Dickens’ Christmas Carol

Frank Dickens’ Christmas Carol by Jaybo Russell, with music by Marie Russell

Scrooge operates a trading post on the Alberta Praries and is as foul and greedy as ever. Full of Canadian humour and folklore, this musical is a new twist on a beloved holiday classic. 

Directed by Mark Lewandowski

Music directed by Bethany Wickens

Produced by Rosebud School of the Arts, November 26th-December 17th 2016.

Roles: Mrs. Crachette, Ensemble. Choreographer.

I love Caitlyn’s quiet commitment to the work. She isn’t demanding in rehearsal and isn’t really showy in her work. She brings a quiet confidence to her roles giving a performance that is honest and compelling. This does not mean that she shies away from asking questions or underplays the role when it requires being big. I’d love to work with her again.                                                                                            –Mark Lewandowski, Director.