Education and Training

Caitlyn will be completing her training at Rosebud School of the Arts in 2018.

Caitlyn utilizes multiple methods when approaching any role or a piece. She finds success in combining extensive amounts of research with physical exploration and play. She also finds it extremely important to be off book as swiftly as possible to have access to her whole body as she works through the rehearsal process.

Focus and curiosity have been one of the most significant aspects of performance that Caitlyn has rediscovered on in the last few months. After spending a lot of time in an ensemble role, she has discovered the extreme challenge and significance of always being curious about the action in front of you, and always watching with fresh eyes. Caitlyn has always known to do this of course, but now in practice she understands the challenge more deeply, and appreciates the payoff when other actors exemplify this. In every performance she tries to remember that acting is simply living, and in performance she strives to live with full generosity and presence.