Caitlyn is a multidisciplinary artist based in Calgary, Alberta. She completed four years of conservatory theatre training at Rosebud School of the Arts, and became a Fellow of Rosebud School of the Arts (F.R.S.A.) in 2018. Caitlyn’s favourite storytelling artforms include acting, dance and movement, stage combat, singing, and songwriting.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Caitlyn will be performing in The Woman Who Owns Herself (May 20, 23, 25) at Common Ground Theatre Festival

Caitlyn will be music directing Kohkum & Me which runs at the Motel Theatre (June 4-8)

Caitlyn will be performing in Mothership at the Calgary Fringe Festival (Aug 2-10)

Caitlyn will be performing in Never Swim Alone at the Edmonton Fringe Festival (Aug 16-25)

Caitlyn’s debut album was released in August 2018, and is available for purchase on iTunesSpotify and Bandcamp